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If "gniaužtas" means "fist", we should take it off. "Main" doesn't mean "fist". For "letena", I am not sure. What are its meanings ? --Fsojic (aptarimas) 11:41, 23 rugsėjo 2012 (UTC)

The word for "fist" is "kumštis", while "gniaužtas" means "fist" or "hand" only in rural areas, while it's much more often used figuratively - "grip", while my French dictionary doesn't find any results for it.--Viskonsas (aptarimas) 11:58, 23 rugsėjo 2012 (UTC)
If only I were better in English (and in Lithuanian, of course, it would be much easier :p) ! "Grip"'s translation, according to French wiktionary, is "poignée, poignée de main" ; so it does not mean "main" itself. --Fsojic (aptarimas) 12:06, 23 rugsėjo 2012 (UTC)