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I believe this is the Burmese/Myanmar language alphabet and hardly it would be a word in Shona, an African language. Malafaya 16:34, 24 gegužės 2011 (UTC)Atsakyti[atsakyti]

Yes, you are right this is Burmese alphabet, but Shona language is used not in Africa, but in Myanmar, therefore they also use Burmese script (w:en:Shan_language). --Viskonsas 17:04, 24 gegužės 2011 (UTC)Atsakyti[atsakyti]
Oh, ok, this is Shan language, not Shona. I was misled by the code at the language category which you already corrected. I corrected some interwikis I had put wrongly then. Thanks, Malafaya 20:59, 24 gegužės 2011 (UTC)Atsakyti[atsakyti]